2023/2024 Season Company Auditions - June 2, 2023. 

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Audition - Current Company Dancers

2023/2024 Season Company Auditions - June 2, 2023.  See the Calendar Below to Find your Age and Level.  Be sure to sign up for the correct box (Current Company Member vs New) Please register for the appropriate age/level, below.

Current Pre-Company Audition


Current Mini Company Audition


Current Junior Company Audition


Current Teen Senior Company Audition

Teens and Seniors (14yrs-17yrs)

Audition - New Company Dancers

2023/2024 Season Company Auditions - June 2, 2023.  See the Calendar Below to Find your Age and Level.  Be sure to sign up for the correct box (Current Company Member vs New) Please register for the appropriate age/level, below.

New Audition Pre-Company


New Audition Mini Company


New Audition Junior Company


New Audition Teen Senior Company

Teens and Seniors (14yrs-17yrs)


The goal of THE INDUSTRY DANCE ACADEMY is to instill a lifelong love and appreciation for the art of dance performance. Whether it occurs at a convention/competition, within the community, or in a theatre, the opportunity and experience of performing on stage is like no other.  The values and life lessons we hope all Dance Company members will experience include teamwork, time management, prioritizing discipline, dedication, honesty, respect, patience, and artistry. What better way to set your child up for a lifetime of success?

At THE INDUSTRY DANCE ACADEMY, our purpose is to provide excellent dance training in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tap, and Ballroom, all within a loving, supportive and encouraging environment to be remembered and cherished throughout a lifetime. Our focus will be on developing healthy, artistic, and well rounded dancers.

THE INDUSTRY'S Reasons To Belong To A Dance Company

* Working towards a professional career in dance or a college bound focus.
* Committing, participating and belonging to a team.
* Gaining a sense of balance in life, and managing commitments between academics and dance.
* Participating in a physical activity that will promote an understanding and the value of a healthy body.
* Developing a sense of confidence for performing in public and on stage.
* Working with mentors who are focused on the student’s success inside and outside of the classroom.
* Enjoying friendships that may last a lifetime and a sense of belonging to an extended family: your teachers, fellow teammates, moms and dads.
*Discovering the results of hard work, determination and dedication.
*Developing a lifelong appreciation for the performing arts.

THE INDUSTRY'S Philosophy Regarding Competitions/Conventions

Our goal is to instill in our students passion rather than merely the desire to win awards. We want to emphasize performance not competition. The goal of the dancers should be to improve as a performer. Your goal as a parent should be to encourage and support your child. We would like to develop in each student a genuine respect for dance as an art form. We consider student’s participation in competition not merely part of their dance training, but also an important part of how we influence their growth as people. With the right focus, the experience gained in competition can be an excellent source of self-confidence. If the dancer feels good about his or her performance and understands that they become better each time they go on stage, they are truly growing through the competition experience. Through participation in competitions, we hope to instill in our students an appreciation for other dancers and schools. We hope to motivate both student and faculty by exposing them to the highest caliber of talent available. Only then can we produce the best dancers and teachers as possible. For us, competition is an education.

THE INDUSTRY'S Dancer Expectation

THE INDUSTRY DANCE ACADEMY believes members must have the utmost respect for all dancers at THE INDUSTRY DANCE ACADEMY as well as for dancers from other studios. THE INDUSTRY DANCE ACADEMY members are expected to be committed to each other and their Company and be supportive of each other at all times. Dancers, parents, and relatives of THE INDUSTRY DANCE ACADEMY should take pride in our school and be positive role models. Competition involves both winning and losing. Please be prepared to be humble, gracious, supportive, and courteous competitors. THE INDUSTRY’S Parent Commitment Parents or guardians of dancers must understand and agree that participation in THE INDUSTRY DANCE ACADEMY is a commitment from both the dancer and parents or guardians. Accordingly, for the opportunity to participate in THE INDUSTRY DANCE ACADEMY, parents and guardians can and will only speak positively to and of each other, as well as to and of THE INDUSTRY DANCE ACADEMY's faculty and staff. This includes any and all posts to social media outlets.

Please understand it is a conflict of interest to take classes at competing dance studios while on THE INDUSTRY Company.  Therefor, we have a no tolerance policy to attend those studios/classes.

In order to take classes at non competitive studios (Millenium, Edge, Playground, etc.) all required classes must be taken for that week.  Please inform the owners/directors of your interest in participating in another studio's classes and await approval.

What to expect when you belong to THE INDUSTRY Company

-Dancers must attend all scheduled conventions and competitions.
-Dancers must take all required classes listed for their age group and must make up ballet and technique.
- The minimum number of pieces is one large group and one small group and one full company production number. Casting for these pieces is at the sole discretion of the owners/directors.
-There will be 4 mandatory Convention/Competitions for Company. There will be optional conventions, as well. Schedule TBA
-If you are interested in others, they must be approved at least 1 month prior to and at the discretion of the directors.
_Mandatory Participation in the annual end of year recital / showcase
_Mandatory Participation in our annual contemporary ballet, "Secret Garden"
_Rehearsals are mandatory unless bookouts have been approved prior to each semester (September and January) and must be approved by the owners/directors.

Competition/Convention Fees at THE INDUSTRY

-All tuition and competition/convention fees must be paid 30 days prior to Attending. We will be invoicing 6 weeks before the Competition/Convention.
-Convention and Competition fees vary. They are all listed on the websites of the ones we will attend.
-Please note a $30 fee to cover a teacher and their hotel costs will be charged

Choreographer Fees at THE INDUSTRY

-Choreographer fees range in costs between $150-$400 per dancer depending on the size of the group and the choreographer.
-If we choose to bring in an outside choreographer, their hotel and airfare will be split between the kids in the group.
-Duos and Trios share the cost of the choreographer fees, which are anywhere between $150-$350 per dancer.
-Solos are usually between $400-$800 depending on the choreographer.

Costumes at THE INDUSTRY

-There is a $250 costume fee that we will collect by Oct. 1. This will go towards your costumes for Group Pieces. Duo/Trio costumes will be billed separately.
-Solo costumes are done on your own and need to be approved by the directors.
-Should the dancer drop at any point in the season, the costume deposit is non-refundable.

Lots of love, Rhonda