POLICIES 2022/23

Passion and commitment to the art of dance in a world-class dance facility.

2022/2023 POLICIES

THE INDUSTRY Dance Academy has the right to refuse service to anyone.

Tuition & Registration
The dance season runs from September 6, 2022 until June 11, 2023.  THE INDUSTRY Dance Academy programing is based on 40 weeks. All students must enroll for a full season (Sept-June) of classes with the exception of the Children’s Program.  Holiday closures for Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks are not counted in the 40 week season. Students that register after the beginning of the season will have their first month’s tuition pro-rated based on how many weeks remain at the time of registration.  Please be sure view our tuition schedule under the Register tab on our website.

Registration is not complete until you have submitted the registration materials/enrolled online, paid the non-refundable first month’s tuition, $40 registration fee, and selected your payment plan. Please be sure to fill out the online payment form completely. Tuition will occur on the first of each month during the dance season and may only be made by credit card or by electronic funds transfer from your bank account. Any tuition received on the 6th of the month or after will be charged a $25 late fee. If tuition is not received by the end of the month, an additional $25 fee will be charged. Tuition is non-refundable for any reason.  Please note, declined credit cards could incur a $15 fee.

If you would like to drop a class, please inform the Front Desk and fill out a drop form 30 days prior to the next billed month.  You will be dropped as of the next tuition cycle (1st of the following month).


Labor Day Sept 5th
Halloween October 31st
Thanksgiving Break  November 24th- November 27th
Winter Break December 21st-January 4th
MLK Day January 16th
President’s Day February 20th
Spring break April 2nd-9th
Memorial Day May 29th

Children’s Program
Children’s Program is broken down into 8 wee sessions over the course of the dance season. Tuition is due in full at the beginning of each session. Tuition is non-refundable for any reason.

Drop-In Classes, Workshops and Master Classes
Payments for drop-in classes, workshops and master classes must occur before the start of class or workshop. Tuition is non-refundable.

Absences & Make-Up Classes
Classes missed due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances can be made up at a later date in another class of the same or lower level. Classes are to be made up within 2 months of missed class.  You can schedule your own makeup via your Parent Portal. Upon arrival for the make-up class, you must sign in with your teacher. THE INDUSTRY Dance Academy requests that the student or parent/guardian email the studio to inform the teacher and the staff of any absence, illness or problem a student might be having. If your child has a contagious illness, please keep them out of class until they are recovered and can participate fully without risk of relapse. You must be 48 hour fever free in order to return to classes.  Injured dancers are asked to “sit out” and observe classes until completely healed and doctor approval (if necessary) is given to resume classes.

Dress Code
It is the responsibility of parent and/or guardian of the student to follow THE INDUSTRY Dance Academy’s dress and hair code for each class.  Progressive Program Ballet Levels each have their own colored uniform that must be worn at every class along with pink tights (and for darker skin tones, please wear flesh colored tights) and pink ballet shoes.  No black leggings are allowed.  Hair should be neat and tight in a bun.  Students should always arrive and leave THE INDUSTRY Dance Academy with their leotard, sports bras, and tights/booty shorts covered-up with a skirt, pants, jacket, etc. Ballet, jazz, character, tap, and clean Hip Hop tennis shoes must not be worn outside. They are not street shoes.


Questions and Concerns: Please do not engage the teachers at any time in their respective dance studios to ask questions. When one class ends, another one begins. If you need to speak directly to the teacher, please email the front desk. Messages will be returned as soon as possible. The teacher and/or the parents/guardians can schedule a studio meeting if needed. This should be done via email.

Email: All parents are required to provide a current e-mail address at the beginning of the season. Quarterly newsletters, tuition reminders, Recital 2023 information, Secret Garden information, and important date and reminders will all be made via e-mail and available on your family portal. Emails will be answered in the order they are received and within normal business hours. Teacher e-mails will be released by permission of THE INDUSTRY Dance Academy directors and the teacher.

Social Media: Please follow us on Instagram and friend THE INDUSTRY Dance Academy on Facebook to receive current information.  We kindly request that you tag us when using video and pictures of our facilities and dancers.  It is encouraged and appreciated when you list THE INDUSTRY as your dance studio in your profiles.

Voice Mail: Our studio phone number is (818) 616-4010. The office manager will check messages between 3:30–4:00pm Monday-Thursday and on Saturday mornings by 9am. If you need to notify the office of a child’s absence please note these times.  Any message left on the office voicemail after 1:30pm on Friday will NOT be retrieved until Saturday morning. Please email if you need a more immediate response than the times listed above.

Commitment To Attend
We truly expect your child to attend each and every scheduled class. Because we limit the number of children in a class we are hopeful that everyone will honor their commitment and complete the entire year. We ask that you email if you are going to be late or absent. Please be aware that if your child is more than 10 minutes late to class, the teacher will use his/her discretion to have your child observe class for safety reasons.

Though there is no requirement to join THE INDUSTRY Company (competition team), it is a conflict of interest to train at THE INDUSTRY Dance Academy yet compete on another studio's team/company.  Therefor, by studying in our Progressive or Studio Program you agree to not compete for another dance studio.

Class Procedure and Placement
Please have your child arrive 10 minutes prior to class start time dressed in the proper attire, shoes, and hairstyle. Please do not be late for classes. Proper technical warm-ups are done at the beginning of class and are vital to preventing injuries. Warm-up is critical to proper dance execution and the safety of your child. Students who are late and miss warm-up may not be allowed to take the remainder of that class. This is determined by the teacher.

Placement will be at the discretion of the directors and teacher. We have a professional staff to ensure that each student is placed in the class best suited for them, ensuring quality instruction at the correct level.

Parent’s observance of classes is recommended and encouraged for the first time your child participated in a class and on designated watch days. No parents will be allowed into studios without permission from the teacher. Please remove shoes before entering studios.

THE INDUSTRY Dance Academy is not a daycare or babysitting service. When one class ends, another starts; teachers and staff are not responsible for watching students once class has dismissed. Please instruct your child to wait inside the studio lobby for their rides and to inform the staff if their ride is late. Students are not permitted to wait outside for rides. No student will be allowed to leave the premises unsupervised unless given written consent from parent or guardian.

THE INDUSTRY Dance Academy reserves the right to combine classes, change times, provide substitute teachers and/or replacement teachers or cancel or combine any class. Classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment – if this happens, email notifications will be sent and we will work with your family to try and find an alternative class. Teacher assignments can be subject to change if in the best interest of students and teachers. These decisions will be made by the directors.


Beginning October 15, 2022, THE INDUSTRY Dance Academy will require all parents wishing to change or drop a class to provide a 30 day notice prior to the next billing cycle.

Please visit our website: theindustrydanceacademy.com to fill out a ‘Class Change or Drop Form’ detailing the classes you wish to change or drop and the reason.  You can find this form under the tab REGISTER and sub menu FORMS.

Cancellation will be effective 30 days from the drop form submission. Please note, you may be responsible for one additional billing cycle of tuition if the request was not submitted by the 15th of the month.  If a class is dropped prior to the 15th of the month, a credit will be applied to your account. Please see the examples below. All change/drop requests must be made via the form, even if you are on a fixed-fee tuition plan. No refunds will be issued for dropped classes, cancelled enrollment, registration fees, dance wear or costumes.  

Example 1 

You submit a request to drop a class on the 8th of October.  This is prior to the 15th of the month, so your account will be credited for dropped classes between October 8th - 31st.

Example 2

You submit a request to drop a class on the 16th of October.  This is past the drop deadline for the month.  Your account will be charged for fees for one additional tuition cycle on November 1st.

The drop form is available on-line at TheINDUSTRYDanceAcademy.com 

THE INDUSTRY Dance Academy’s teachers have varying private lesson rates so please email the Front Desk at [email protected] with any questions.  Please know, there will be no private lessons offered if you are not attending either the Studio Program and/or the Progressive Program.  If you cancel your private less than 24 hours prior to the start of the lesson, you will be charged. 

Dance training is demanding on the body. All students run the risk of being injured in class. As a parent and/or guardian of a student, you must agree that you understand these risks and do not hold THE INDUSTRY Dance Academy LLC, faculty, board members, and the artistic directors responsible for any injuries, loss of property, or illness during attendance at the school or any related field trips, competition/conventions, or performances.

Each parent gives permission for their child to be photographed for promotional purposes. All students may be videotaped during classes, rehearsals, and performances. Any concerns need to be directed to the directors. Each parent and student also agrees to NOT place pictures or videos of other students or teachers on the internet or any social networking site without the permission of the student’s parents or the teacher. No student or parent is permitted to represent THE INDUSTRY Dance Academy on any websites or social media. Please tag THE INDUSTRY Dance Academy when using class video or pictures as well as when attending convention/competitions and performances representing THE INDUSTRY Dance Academy.

Each parent gives permission for emergency medical care of his or her child. Any concerns need to be made in writing and turned into the office prior to the second class.

If you would prefer your child to not be involved in certain classes due to your religious beliefs please let the teachers and studio directors know. We often celebrate a current holiday with special holiday themed stickers, candies, or other goodies handed out at the end of each class. Please also let your child’s teacher know if certain allergies or dietary restrictions exist. We also use holiday music at times.

We ask all parents of our Children’s Program students remain in the studio during the duration of class. Parents of all Studio Program, Progressive Program, and Team/Company Programs may use our drop off and pick up procedures. If our front parking lot is full, please find street parking.  Do not park in the parking lots of the neighboring buildings. Under no circumstance is your child permitted to wait outside the building. Your child should be properly covered while entering and exiting the building. Please have sweatpants/pants/shorts/skirt covering the lower body. For the upper body we ask not to enter and exit the building only in a bra top/sports bra. A t-shirt, sweatshirt, sweater, or jacket must be worn.

THE INDUSTRY Dance Academy strives to have one of the nicest dance facilities in the Los Angeles area. We ask our parents to help keep the school clean and safe for our students. Please throw trash and personal belongings away when leaving the school. If you see anything that needs our attention please do not hesitate to let us know.  Please instruct your child/ren to pick up after themselves so everyone can continue to enjoy our beautiful studio.

No gum, food, or drink (with the exception of a water bottle) is allowed in any of our studios. All street shoes must be removed prior to entering any studio. Disrupted behavior in any class is not tolerated. The teacher is responsible for communicating any behavior issues to the parent. Children under the age of six are not permitted to be unattended at any time unless they are in a class. Please do your best to pick up your child on time. The school is not responsible for any child except during the duration of their class. If you are running late please call the office. No child is allowed to be left unattended. Parents that need to speak with their child’s teacher may do so by filling out a form online or at the front desk. Please give to the office manager and she will be sure to give to the appropriate teacher. Due to our class schedule, between classes is not a good time to have a conversation with the teacher. Please do not allow younger students to play in the studios at any time. Tardiness/Missed Classes Students who arrive more then 10 minutes late for class may be asked by the teacher to observe. This is for the safety of our students and respect for the teacher. Any missed classes may be made up in a similar or a level below at any time. Please refer to your season schedule. If your child is to miss more then one consecutive class an email to the office is required. If after three classes we have not heard from the student’s parent that student may be removed from our class roster.

If a student becomes injured at any point in class he/she will need to notify the teacher immediately. The teacher will guide the student accordingly.

Please use only the designated dressing room for your child’s class. Fathers may not enter the children’s dressing rooms or the area outside the dressing rooms. This is a privacy policy put in place by THE INDUSTRY Dance Academy. If possible, please try to have your child dressed for class with a cover-up, before arriving at the studio. Students are asked to bring all dance bags and dance shoes to class at all times. If a student has more than one class in any given day they will need to keep all required dance shoes with them at all times. Students will not be permitted to go to the dressing room to change shoes. Shoes will be changed in the dance room of their next consecutive class. School bags and other attire may be stored in the dressing rooms or lockers. These items should be hung on the hooks along the wall or set under the benches. Students are asked to throw all garbage away in the locker room’s trashcan or the trash can in the lobby. This includes but not limited to all food wrappers, water bottles, band-aid wrappers, and all personal items.

Please notify our office manager, Kelley at [email protected]  if you are interested in volunteer opportunities. Our school would not be successful without our wonderful parents.