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Re-Opening Protocols

THE INDUSTRY will be a hybrid dance studio – we will open with limited physical dance spots, strict rules, and Zoom online class availability simultaneously.

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Re-Opening Protocols

THE INDUSTRY will be a hybrid children’s dance camp– we will open with limited physical dance spots, strict rules, and Zoom online class availability simultaneously.


Studio Re Opening Protocol & Policies

  • Limited number of students in every studio
  • Keep same level students grouped in a studio with minimal movement and crossover within THE INDUSTRY
  • The wearing of masks and in what capacity will be dictated by the LA County guidelines – For now, Masks are mandatory with the exception of children 5 years old and below.
  • 1 staff member at Front Entrance and Back Entrance. They will:

Apply each student with Hand Sanitizer upon entering and exiting

Upon entry, take each student’s temperature with a No-Touch Thermometer

Shoes must be taken off before entering and all outside items must be placed in a bag:

This includes Cell Phones, Water Bottles, and snacks (no peanut)

  • Teachers will be at the entrance to each studio to check children into class
  • Every Studio Floor will have “Mind Your Physical Space” Tape on the floors clearly providing a square space to dance in while everyone stays 6 feet apart. Each student will be 6ft apart while doing barre work.
  • Signs posted as reminders for best practices on health and safety for all
  • Modified Class Schedule to accommodate for cleaning when students need to change Studios
  • 15 minutes between certain classes when students need to switch studios to: clean floors, barres, stereo, door knobs, and light switches
  • Bathroom – A staff member will walk students to the bathroom and clean surfaces – door knobs – toilet handle after every use (it is recommended that everyone go to the bathroom at home before arrival.

Guidelines and Mandatory Protocol for Dancers and Parents

***Do NOT come to the studio if you or anyone in your household has been exposed to someone who has COVID 19 or has had a fever, cough, or runny nose within the past 14 days or does not feel 100% well.  

  • Please go to the bathroom at your own home before you arrive, but if you have to go a staff member will accompany you and then clean after as mentioned above
  • Must arrive a minimum 15 minutes prior to your first class to allow time for check in
  • Drop-off only – Everyone must stay in their car until someone directs your child to stand on a marker (6ft apart) for check-in
  • Only students, faculty, and staff are permitted to enter. Parents will drop-off and return for pick up
  • The wearing of masks is mandated by LA County in all common areas.  Please put on your masks before exiting your car.
  • Shoes will be taken off before entering and all outside items must be in a bag:
  • This includes Cell Phones, Water Bottles, healthy snack, and your own personal hand sanitizer
  • Students must come dressed and ready for class in proper attire
  • Students must wear clean socks (not worn from home) upon entering the studio.
  • Students must stand and dance 6ft apart at all times
  • There will be absolutely no physical contact between students
  • Students will not be permitted to leave their studio without permission from their Teachers
  • Students will not touch door handles, light switches or stereo equipment
  • The Lobby is closed to all
  • Dressing Rooms are closed to all
  • No sitting at the big table or in the study room at all. Vending machine is off limits.
  • Parent/Student Communication – please email us with any questions, but if you must speak to us in person we can speak through the glass door in the front after class has begun. This is for the safety of our staff and you.

Studio Cleaning

  • Hand Sanitizing Stations at both building entrances and in front of every studio door
  • Daily Cleaning – all frequently touched surfaces and objects such as doorknobs, countertops, light switches, toilets, and phones will be washed down with soap and warm water followed by disinfecting with EPA approved products.
  • Studios will be cleaned and sanitized daily according to LA County COVID-19 guidelines
  • Bathrooms will be cleaned daily

Read on for general information and the resources guiding us through this time:

Local and National Information

How does it spread? The virus is spread mainly by close contact from person to person. Close contact can be:

  • Contact within 6 feet of a symptomatic person (whether or not COVID-19 has been confirmed by test) for greater than 10 minutes.
  • The infected person may have symptoms when the contact occurs. But it is also considered close contact if the contact took place up to two day (48 hours) before the infected person showed any symptoms.
  • This means that a teacher who had a long conversation with a colleague on a Friday and then found out that the colleague showed symptoms on Sunday, is considered to have had close contact.
  • Anyone who had unprotected contact with the infected persons body fluids and/or secretions.
  • This could happen if the infected person was an infant or child who was infected during a diaper change or had a runny nose or other secretions.

What is social distancing?

  • Social (physical) distancing is deliberately increasing the physical space between people to avoid spreading illness. A distance of at least 6 feet is required to prevent the spread of COVID19.

How should Teachers and Parents be talking to children about COVID-19? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided evidence-based recommendations for helping children cope with emergencies, including the COVID-19 outbreak. Some of their guidance includes:

  • Remain calm. Be honest, but age-appropriate.
  • Listen to them and answer their questions.
  • Avoid blaming others for the outbreak or using language that can lead to stigma.
  • Emphasize what we can do to stay healthy, including handwashing, covering coughs and sneezes, staying home, and social (physical) distancing.
  • Model behavior that reduces the spread of the virus, for example, teach children how to sneeze into an elbow or choose a child to role play social (physical) distancing with you

How do you get the correct information on COVID-19?

  • Accurate information, including announcements of new cases in LA County, will always be distributed by Public Health through press releases, social media, and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. The Public Health website has more information on COVID-19 including FAQs, infographics and a guide to coping with stress, as well as tips on handwashing, and additional guidance documents targeting a large number of community sectors in addition to early care and education centers/family child care homes.
  • Beware of scams, false news and hoaxes surrounding COVID-19; rely only on websites you know to be authentic and accurate.

What websites have accurate information on COVID-19?


First Time Students only

Come on IN

*Free Trial Class is limited to one class and does not include Online Virtual Classes, Bootcamp, Intensive, or Master Classes. Email us to reserve a free trial class.  Should you want to try other classes we would be happy to offer those on a one time bases at our drop in rate.  Please email us with questions.

I only wish we had found Maia and Rhonda a long time ago. This is our new home and we couldn’t be happier about it. I have wanted to find true role models and mentors for my daughter and have found that with both Rhonda and Maia. They have put together an incredible program and the studio is absolutely beautiful. If you are looking for an artistic approach to dance with age appropriate choreography, strong training, and a warm and loving environment, you will find that at IDA.

- Stacie, Mom

Such an amazing class at @theindustrydanceacademy today! Incredible brand new facility, top-of-the-line everything, caring teachers. One the very few things actually worth driving to the valley for.
#ballet, #dancemom #theindustrydanceacademy

- Jordan, DANCE MOM

If you have a dancer ready to be part of the most nurturing studio with the most fantastic teachers specializing in all genres of dance (yes, ballroom and acro included) then this is your place! Gorgeous brand new studio in a centrally located area with plenty of parking. Feel free to share this post. Dani has loved every moment here!!

- Michelle, Mom

So excited!! Super nice and new studio, just met the contractor who did amazing work with the place, huge spacious studio rooms high ceilings, the color theme is peaceful and relaxing, the layout is intuitive, there is a dressing room, snacking space and study room for the kids!


So proud to be a part of this company! If you are looking for amazing teachers, mentors, and true role models, come out and audition!!

- Alejandra, Dancer

We are home basking in all the joy of yesterday! Chloe had the best day!

She jumped in and kept going even when the choreography was beyond her level. Working it out on the side while waiting for her group, and growing with each run of the combo. Today she has downloaded the songs and is still running the combos! She loved it! Thank you so much for suggesting NYCDA. It was the most perfect intro to the dance convention world. We watched the first 30 or so numbers of the competetion. WOW! As we already knew, Industry is a clear cut above. We were so proud! You two have created a dance studio like no other! Thank you for being so supportive of Chloe. She is very happy at Industry and is really growing as a dancer. Cheers to you and all the Industry staff! We love you guys!

- Meredith, Mom
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