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  • Beginning October 1, 2021, The INDUSTRY Dance Academy will require all parents wishing to change, drop a class, or cancel enrollment to provide a 30-day notice prior to the next billing cycle and completion of a drop form. 

    Please visit our website: to fill out a ‘Class Change or Drop Form’ detailing the classes you wish to change or drop and the reason. You can find this form under the tab REGISTER and sub menu FORMS.  When dropping a class mid-month, a studio credit will be put into your account.

    Should you wish to add a class simply visit your online parent portal to access enrollment.

    Once the change/drop form or additional classes have been submitted and processed, any tuition adjustments will be made to your account and charges will be run at that time.

    Cancellations will be effective 30 days from the drop form submission, however, you may be responsible for one additional billing cycle of tuition if the request was not submitted prior to the first of the month when tution fees are processed.  All drop requests must be made via this form.  No refunds will be issued for dropped classes, cancelled enrollment, registration fees, dance wear or costumes.  

    Please note that if all classes are dropped, you must pay the $40 registration fee again if you choose to reregister.  There are no refunds on previously paid tuition.

    If you have any questions about this policy please email [email protected]

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